Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Moving forward!

odds is moving forward.  We are moving forward.  Everyday we get more positive responses and find out that people are interested in working with us.  Today BEK showed us their support, earlier in the process it was VISP, so we are very happy to add them to our list of contributors.

We are also very proud to say that our website is up and running (Kristina, you rule!), please check it out and find all the information about the exhibition and the people who will be showing some work there.  We are all looking forward for the next few weeks and seeing the result of such hard but very exiting and meaningful work.

Stay tuned!  We will keep you all posted!

on behalf of postmomart

Thursday, September 6, 2012


Odds and postmomart.  What came first? I don't quite remember.  But an introduction is necessary.
postmomart is a group of professional artists who happen to be mothers as well.  Together we are working on our first project: odds, an exhibition that will be held in Odda, Norway from the 10th to the 13th of October.  With this project we aim to take a close look at myths and juxtapose them with realities in the art world. The goal is to challenge the idea of a self-sacrificing artist who suffers for the sake of art. The backdrop for this is thoughts about double standards. Art practice can revolve around the ones that are close to the artist, and simultaneously the stereotype tells us to have as few ties as possible in order to achieve " success" in the art world. Can the unwritten rules of the game be stretched to house other stories?

We are very exited and inspired by this project. The acceptance amongst our colleagues so far has been outstanding and for that we are opening our doors. This blog will be a meeting point for discussion, inspiration and information about the exhibition and the process of creating it.  We hope everyone feels welcome to give their opinion because that is exactly what we want: to open up a conversation about a very relevant subject in the art community.

Here we are:  (from left) Jane Sverdrupsen, Ingeborg Annie Lindhal, Kristina D. Aas and Daniela Ramos Arias.  Together we are postmomart.

written by Daniela